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“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise,  so I am changing myself.” – Rumi

This is time for transition for many of us. If you are going through transition, you are feeling the urge or nudge that something in your life needs to change, if there is dissatisfaction in some area(s), I would love the opportunity to walk with you.

 Many people jump from one thing to another without honoring the transition or the process. Focusing on the process and adding intention to that process can result in becoming who you really are – who you really want to be – and what you can become. This is difficult work, it is not for the faint of heart. Lots of junk will be stirred up, but lots of healing can flow from that, too. I have spent a lot of my life in transitions and find myself in it once again as I lean into my private practice (strategic visioning, healing, and transformation through a hybrid of spiritual direction and coaching).

I am a life-long learner and continually seek to improve my skill sets so I am better equipped to companion you on your journey. Where have I been? I apply everything I learn to my practice. It is therefore full and rich, constantly growing and developing and becoming something new. 

  • Bachelor of Arts in Music (Tufts), Master of Music (orchestral conducting) (UT Knoxville)
    • assistant conductor, Oak Ridge Symphony
    • assistant to the conductor, Knoxville Symphony
  • Master of Divinity (Brite), Doctor of Divinity (Wesley)
    • Pastor of the Arts at a Texas megachurch and with a non-profit
    • retreat facilitator, performance artist, curriculum development and teacher
  • Missional Spiritual Direction (faculty and supervisor)
  • iEQ9 Accredited Enneagram Coach
  • The Grove strategic visioning process
  • Shift-It Visual Coach (in progress)

I am grateful for my journey, with all its ups and downs. From fundamentalist evangelical to progressive clergy to that growing category of “spiritual but not religious” and inter-religious. What a beautiful diversity of human energy and potential. Let’s process this thing called life together. 

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March 27, 2020 Webinar: info pages for Hero’s Journey and Contemplative Reflection

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Wendi Bernau is a process professional. She works as an artist, spiritual director, leadership coach and writer and teacher of curriculum. Wendi’s background includes formal study in music, art history, painting, theater, dance, theology, spiritual direction and coaching. She is a brilliant and talented facilitator and performer. Wendi is a sought-after retreat leader, workshop facilitator, and teacher and is part of the founding leadership team for the Anam Cara missional spiritual direction training program. Many of her self-paced spiritual development and contemplative prayer courses are soon to be available to the general public.

Educational background: Bachelor of Arts (Music) from Tufts University; Master of Music (Orchestral Conducting) from University of Tennessee; Master of Divinity from Brite Divinity School; Doctor of Ministry (Art & Theology) from Wesley Theological Seminary.

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  • The Book of Judith graphic novel (2020) available from Wendi or on Amazon
  • co-author and layout designer of Intern Guidebook and Leadership Companion Guide for Project Transformation, (2019)
  • Finding God in Culture  – a series of self-paced instruction/meditation courses with various genres of art (on the Canvas online learning platform)

Sometimes I think we tend to view our spirituality as something external – we pray in hope that someone is listening to us – but we are the ones who need to be listening. This is challenging because it doesn’t seem productive. We might think sitting in silence is a waste of time, that art is a waste of resources; but this simply isn’t true. Humans need to expend time and energy creating and listening. How else can we possibly expect to get to know ourselves and what’s inside that wants to come out? How can we grow or learn if we are walking around unaware of our hearts and souls? Art helps us listen to our soul speak.

People tell me they aren’t creative or they aren’t artists so they shouldn’t do art, same with music, but in meditation the end product is never the focus. The important part is the process. How did you get to this point and what was going on in you, how did it feel, when it surfaced? Most importantly, perhaps: now that you have this insight, what are you going to do with it?

Reflection is the key: without reflection, it isn’t meditation or prayer, it’s just art. And I love art, but for it to be profound, you have to let it speak to you. Intentional spiritual experiences in the Arts are very personal, and like most valuable experiences, when we can release the desire to control the outcome and expect to be surprised, amazing things can happen.

~ Wendi Bernau

See below for testimonials:

Thank you for an amazing retreat !!!

Still can’t believe God spoke to me in such a powerful way !!!

~ Lynn Jordan, Pastor and Anam Cara retreat participant

Wendi has led two closing worship services at our Vital Leadership Academy retreats. It was a great experience! Wendi drew from her deep creativity to lead others in a worship experience that was both unique and moving. She brought people out of their comfort zones in a way that they could experience Christian worship in a fresh and deeper way. It was exactly what I was looking for as a retreat organizer.

~ Kevin Walters, Director of Vital Leadership Academy, United Methodist Church, Central Texas Conference on Artful Worship Experiences

Just that area of the art program has taken me on a different path, one that I apparently needed to take, one that I enjoyed taking, and one that gave me a peace that I needed. During our sharing, I was so moved by the work of others. It was not unusual to hear the tears and emotion in their voices.

~ Pamela Stroud, White’s Chapel UMC on Art as a Spiritual Practice

Wendi facilitated spirited discussion with a very involved class comparing and contrasting the different artistic styles and time periods…Wendi is extremely creative in the design and execution of these classes. She engages the class in thoughtful discussion of Christian theology as it comes to life in the arts.

~Jack Thompson, White’s Chapel UMC on Finding God in Culture classes

Yes, please!

~ Lynne Kennetz, Chicago IL on Arts Retreats

“new ways of strengthening faith”
“I really enjoyed it a lot”
“Loved the entire thing and hope we can do it again soon!”
“I loved the art and this was awesome!!”
“It was great and had lots of fun”
“I loved this time!”
“GREAT! Hope the leader does another art event soon.”
“It was very peaceful and fun!”

~ FUMC Cleburne Women’s Retreat, TX on Arts Retreats


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