Enneagram Work


Knowing what motivates you at a very deep level and garnering compassion for others

About Enneagram

Enneagram (literally “nine-points”) is a system of self-knowledge and discovery that touches upon 27 ways of being (9 basic types, each with 3 sub-types). These types have different motivations, developed different coping mechanisms, have different core fears and core virtues. Knowing your own patterns enables you to get off auto-pilot and enhances your ability to choose how you want to show up for yourself and others in your life.

In Enneagram work with Wendi, you will identify your unique type and subtype, explore how these effect your life and relationships, uncover your blind spots and move toward integration and wholeness for yourself and moving toward greater compassion for the people in your life who do not share your type/subtype. If you’re part of a team, Wendi can work with your whole team, focusing on your group dynamics as well as each individual’s.

Who makes a good Enneagram client? Anyone who is really to take an honest, in-depth look at themself with a desire to bring more compassion, openness and wholeness into their life. Enneagram will expose your Shadow side as well as celebrate your strengths. It helps if you can have a sense of humor about this self-learning.

Enneagram work

  • identify your type and subtype
  • learn about your type and subtype
  • engage in self-reflection
  • observe your type/subtype showing up
  • discern whether that’s working for you
  • determine where you want to focus
  • create incremental change

Get in touch

Contact Wendi to discern if Enneagram coaching is right for you, in private sessions or through Wendi’s self-paced online course. Wendi is an accredited iEQ9 Enneagram coach.


One-on-one private sessions, always confidential. Online, by phone or in-person (DFW Metroplex)