Enneagram Retreats


There is wisdom in the Enneagram. An ancient system, numerological significance, three dimensional layerings. Enneagram has it all.

We can work with Enneagram for many reasons but I have two favorites:

  1. I want to be able to choose how I show up (and not simply behave out of unconscious habit).
  2. I want to have more compassion for the people in my life

Understanding Enneagram is powerful for both of these.

What is Enneagram NOT?

  1. Putting people in emotional/behavioral boxes and leaving them trapped there
  2. Accusing people of “being a ___”
  3. Excuse for poor behavior or attitudes
  4. Excuse for helplessness

You may be familiar with Enneagram already – there are indeed many many books and articles written about it, podcasts and who knows what else. You may have borne the attack of someone using Enneagram poorly (in the ways described above) but I hope your experience has been positive and you are hungry for more – there is so much to dig into.

I am happy to work with individuals or groups – or a combination of both. Imagine this: before your retreat, everyone takes the assessment and receives the report. They also spend an hour with me (online or by phone) talking about their results, their hopes for working deeper and any concerns. During the retreat, as a group, I would teach about all 9 numbers, triads, centers of expression, etc. We share perspectives and do activities, learning about ourselves and others while utilizing the language and energy of the Enneagram.

The best way to learn is to play. Let’s play.