Dr. Wendi A. Bernau


Spiritual companioning

Safe space to talk about the deepest desires of your heart: To live fully with Presence, lean into Mystery, tap into Vitality, and engage your Moxie.


Enter a state of deep relaxation in order to tap into the power of the subconscious, effect transformational life changes, integrate dreams, and overcome stuck-ness.

group facilitation

Experiential learning involving the intersection of arts and theology, labyrinth-walking, contemplative practice, meditation, art meditation, family constellations, Enneagram, personal or group visioning with graphic recording, deep relaxation, and discussion. Available for day workshops, multi-day retreats, etc. Contact me to discuss and plan your group event (virtual and in-person available).

coaching and visioning

Explore and actualize personal visioning, values, identity, and life purpose. Discover and remove what blocks you from being your fully authentic Self.

Enneagram for life

Engage in customized internal work for improved self-awareness, relationships, and interpersonal dynamics.

Youtube channel

Wendi’s YouTube channel includes meditations, sermons, teaching on labyrinth, prayer, hero’s journey, and more!

vocational discernment

For college-age or student groups. Investigate self-awareness and life path through role-playing-game exploration of the four Elements of life (Presence, Mystery, Vitality, and Moxie). Contact Wendi to discuss this for your group.


“Wendi has led two closing worship experiences at our Vital Leadership Academy retreats. It was a great experience! Wendi drew from her deep creativity to lead others in a workshop experience that was both unique and moving. She brought people out of their comfort zones in a way that they could experience Christian worship in a fresh and deeper way. It was exactly what I was looking for as a retreat organizer.”

Kevin Walters, Director of Vital Leadership Academy, United Methodist Church, Central Texas Conference

“New ways of strengthening faith” “I really enjoyed it a lot” “Loved the entire thing and hope we can do it again soon!” “I loved the art and this was awesome!” “It was great and had lots of fun” “I loved this time!” “GREAT! Hope the leader does another art event soon.” “It was very peaceful and fun!”

Women’s art meditation retreat participants, Cleburne Texas

“Wendi, you’ve helped me more in these three sessions than in years of talk therapy.” “Thank you so much – I wouldn’t be where I am today without our work together!” “Wendi is indeed a trustworthy guide” “This was life-changing!”

Responses to individual work (names withheld to protect privacy)

Let’s build something great together.