Spiritual Companioning

Spiritual companioning

Deep listening for your soul

About spiritual companioning

Spiritual companioning is a contemplative practice of deep listening – to yourself, to others, and to the world around you alongside a trustworthy guide. Spiritual Companioning is completely holistic, addressing the concerns of body, mind and spirit through conversation, meditation, movement, and silence. An evocative spiritual companion like me does not offer advice, solutions or answers, but sits with you in the questions and probably asks a few more, in hopes for you to discover your own new insight.

Spirituality is the practice and discipline of growing self-awareness, self-reflection, engaging in a thoughtful integration of the various elements of life, working though grief and loss, celebrating and savoring the everyday moments as well as the big events, and dealing with past hurts and challenges so that nothing will hinder you from living your life to the fullest, showing up as your most authentic Self, tapping into the mystical power of Vitality, creating vibrant connections with Source, with others and the Earth.

Who makes a good spiritual companioning client? Anyone willing to explore the deep places of the soul, consider thoughtful questions, engage in solo or guided meditation and take a good hard honest look at oneself, without judgment. This is a safe environment to explore difficult questions, heal from institutional or religious wounding without losing yourself, and sit with contradiction and doubt.

4 Elements of spirituality

Contemplative awareness and meditation that allows you to be fully present to yourself, others and your world. This both a practice (doing) and a state of mind (being).

That which is unknowable and unseen. Engaging Mystery requires us to become comfortable with uncertainty, seeking, finding and using whatever language fits your experience.

The benevolent flow of energy that moves through all things, for the good of all. You can discern how to tap into this flow, to feel fully alive and vibrant, and to recognize when you are trying to push against it, leading to burnout or stress.

The unique shape that Vitality takes in the world because YOU exist. This is how you move in the world with your particular gifting and strengths, knowing who you are and fulfilling your life’s purpose.

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Contact Wendi to discern if spiritual companioning is right for you. Please note: I am not a psychotherapist; spiritual companioning is not intended to replace the care of a licensed professional, though they can work in tandem.


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