Retreats are always customized to the needs of the host group. Offerings include anything in the Art & Spirit Workshop category, an Enneagram retreat or both.

The arc of every retreat is designed to be a variety of engaging, varied activity interspersed with time for silent reflection and contemplation. My philosophy of retreats is: Everyone needs time to something, time to do nothing and time to do anything. Contact me for more information about scheduling a retreat for your group.

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Art as a Spiritual Practice:  Simple Collage by Wendi Bernau

Art as a Spiritual Practice is a contemplative prayer practice that utilizes creative play with art materials to listen for God. In the beginning God created. As humans made in the image of God, our intuitive creations connect us to divine inspiration. These silent meditation sessions include a few guided questions designed to stimulate thought about one’s own art piece and allow time for the spirit to emerge and reveal what the mind is usually too cluttered or too busy to think. No previous art skills or experience necessary, just a willingness to try a different kind of prayer. This course is appropriate for all adults and mature children (sessions require one hour of silence while doing the art and reflection).

Cost: varies depending on number of sessions; these meditation workshops can be done as retreat, by appointment; contact Wendi for more information

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Meditative doodling by Wendi Bernau

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Finding God in Culture library contains multiple series of courses in which we dialogue about the artist as prophet through visual arts, music, poetry, etc. Each series utilizes only one genre or interdisciplinary conversation, depending on the particular course selected. How do these artists’ works engage our thinking about who God is, who we are, and what it means to live as a person of faith? Attention is given to historical placement, global awareness, and theological diversity of thought. These courses can be taught in retreats, by appointment; or through online facilitated discussions and online self-paced meditation courses. Self-paced courses are specifically designed for meditation with guided questions to stimulate deeper engagement with each piece.

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Drum Circle is a meditative practice of entrainment – finding a rhythm and simply being present as we participate in community with each other through non-verbal sound.


Enneagram retreats and workshops are a great combination of personal individual work and group dynamics, team-building or leadership and relationship skills.

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Pilgrimage opportunities and prayer walks also available – for reflection and sabbath or for personal visioning and transition work. For more information,  Contact Wendi