Visual Coaching

Coaching and personal visioning

From Hurting to Whole, From Fit to Fabulous!

About visual coaching

This 17-step process engages your past, present and future to determine your unique identity, gifting and life purpose. Through deep reflection on who you are, what you want and how you’ll achieve it, you will transform your life by focusing on what really matters to you – whether that’s concrete goals like publishing a book or well-formed outcomes like having vibrant spirituality or relationships.

Wendi’s coaching process is flexible and adjustable for the needs of each client – this is about you! Every session is recorded visually on a “map” for your further reflection and later compilation.

Who makes a good visual coaching client? Anyone who wants clarity around their life purpose, vocational intent, or desires to establish and affirm their identity and claim their uniqueness and personal power of agency.

coaching process steps:

  • Setting Intentions
  • Life Maps
  • Wheel of Fire
  • Self Inventory
  • Collage
  • Future Self meditation
  • Values
  • Noble Goal
  • Amulet of identity
  • Working through Resistance
  • Emotional Blocks
  • The Big Picture
  • Action Steps
  • Commitment to yourself!

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