Tarot Reading


Intuitive exploration through story-telling

About Tarot

The Tarot deck is divided into two halves – everyday life and life journey archetypes. In a Tarot reading, each card’s position speaks to a specific question (determined by the reader and the client together). The card’s meaning, numerology, and placement with each other all contribute to the story the cards tell in response to the overall question. The best questions are open (not yes-no) and encompass various facets of life (internal/external, past/present/future, conscious/subconscious, etc).

Tarot readings can be done repeatedly, each time focusing on various topics, life circumstances, decisions, and for intuitive insight. Wendi encourages clients to consider their own intuitive insights as much as any supposed inherent meaning of any card. Spreads can be general or very specific – that’s up to the client.

Who makes a good Tarot client? Anyone with a curiosity to see what turns up, consider life as a metaphor, or seek different perspective.


  • spreads of up to 15 cards
  • unique readings
  • photo of card spread
  • written explanation of your reading
  • one-time or recurring
  • add your own interpretation
  • trust your intuition

Get in touch

Contact Wendi for a Tarot reading. My Tarot readings are for curiosity and thoughtful reflection only. I am not responsible for the consequences of any life choices you might make based on your Tarot reading.


One-on-one private sessions, always confidential. Online, by phone or in-person (DFW Metroplex)