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In three days I will be heading to Spain to begin walking the Camino de Santiago. I have known about this adventure since January, yet somehow as the day of departure looms closer, it feels more real now than it did seven months ago.

Did I do enough to prepare? Too much? What will I find along the Way? What if I find that there is nothing more than there is here (just me)? I have heard that one cannot walk the Camino and not be changed. What will that change be?

I’ve recently done a lot of work and study around the hero’s journey (Joseph Campbell). I’ve made the apocryphal Book of Judith into a graphic novel (to be published soon). I love every labyrinth. I’ve been walking these metaphorical journeys already. How will this Camino-walking fit into that larger paradigm?

So many questions. I’m glad for that. I hope I don’t come back with any answers. What would I like to come back with? My passport, obviously. Seriously, though, I think I’d like to return with wonder….but I think I already have that. So what is it I seek? Perhaps what I will find is not the thing I seek, but an awareness of what it is that I am seeking.

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