I am certified as an iEQ9 Enneagram coach.

Enneagram is an amazing tool for self-discovery, cultivating compassion for and understanding of other perspectives, and bringing depth to relationships.

I love it. Enneagram is complex and deep and layered. One could be a student of Enneagram for a lifetime. Why do I love Enneagram?

  1. I want to be able to choose how I show up, not just act out of unconscious habit.
  2. I want to have compassion for those around me and deepen my ability to be understanding of the people in my life who don’t think like me.

What is Enneagram NOT?

  1. It is not a way to put people in boxes or trap them in “a number”
  2. It is not a way to accuse people of narrow-mindedness
  3. It is not an excuse for my behavior or attitude

Enneagram is based on motivation – what motivates me or you as a person – not behavior. Behavior is an external evidence that can indicate lots of different motivations. Motivation explains why I do what I do, why certain things are important to me, for example, but not to my spouse; why my spouse worries about this thing and I don’t.

Enneagram is  a gift – and a little bit like climbing inside someone’s mind (but in the good way). I have a feeling I am going to be doing a lot more writing on Enneagram in November and December.

BUT FIRST: I have also just completed a teaching on the hero’s journey (Joseph Campbell – check out his “Pathways to Bliss” book by the way, on the use of journey for personal transformation) which I will be writing about shortly

AAAAAAANND: I leave next week to walk the Camino. My brain space is divided into pre-Camino and post-Camino. The pre-Camino part that is procrastinating other things is trying to distract me into jumping ahead. The post-Camino part is happy about that.

So we’ll see what actually makes it to this blog, but those are some of the things floating around.


3 thoughts on “Enneagram

  1. Love your explanation of the enneagram. I’ve personally been blessed by the enneagram myself, and continue to find it fascinating in my own journey of self-growth and self-discovery.


  2. Honestly, I love reading books, so specifically I really enjoyed “The Road Back to You” and “The Sacred Enneagram”. On the other hand, just looking for reasons why I and others do things due to their Enneagram Type has helped me gain insights and connect more dots with the enneagram itself


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