Super Find


YES!!! I went to the grocery to buy candied fruit for the mince pie and some fresh produce for the big turkey meal this week, and lo and behold….the Divine Light of Deliciousness shone upon me in the form of fresh rhubarb. I was aware that I was already making a pumpkin pie and a mince pie for Thanksgiving (yes, it’s just the four of us but we love pie) so this would potentially be pie overload, if there was such a thing.

I love rhubarb. Tangy and tart, mixed with a few strawberries and piled into a pie crust. This isn’t even rhubarb season, I don’t think, and I had despaired of finding it anymore since summer is over. But yay! for being mistaken! Rhubarb means it is time to have pie for breakfast. Every bite makes my heart sing.

Recipe? ummm…There are two basic components to making a rhubarb pie – the crust and the filling – and then you bake it. I make my own crust (flour, salt, butter, and water) and the filling (rhubarb, strawberries). It now occurs to me that I should have taken a picture of the finished pie, but we ate it already. Ah well. Maybe next time (I can’t wait for next time!). I tried writing a recipe out for you, but it became apparent really, really quickly that I don’t actually measure things and I know what to do/add by how it looks, which is almost impossible to write in words. I am a big fan of the apprenticeship approach. If you want to learn, come cook with me.

Ah….This was such a pleasing day at the grocer. I only bought were fresh vegetables and fruits. And an odd combo too: red cabbage, pomegranate, limes, rhubarb (obviously!), ginger root, fresh parsley, an orange, bananas and the little box of candied fruits. I feel so healthy (except for the candied fruits) and unapologetic, which is nice. It is a good time to be me.

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