20 Things I’ve Learned from my Cats

What I’ve learned from hanging out with my cats:

  1. Curiosity is essential. Investigate new things. 
  2. Remain alert. Sometimes even the familiar can be unsettling.
  3. Care for one another. Know when to take time to be alone.
  4. Sunshine powers the soul. Enjoy basking in warmth and light.
  5. Use teeth and claws when necessary – and do not when they’re not. 
  6. Get enough sleep. 
  7. Trust is earned. Slowly. 
  8. Take up space unapologetically.
  9. There is a time to make a stand and a time to run. Discern which is which.
  10. Self pity is pointless. If you have three legs, learn how to walk on three legs.
  11. Demand what you need. Loudly, if necessary.
  12. It’s not the having; it’s the wanting. 
  13. Obstacles make the process more interesting. 
  14. Focus with intensity.
  15. Survey the terrain from a higher perspective.
  16. Fear is a state of mind that inhibits or prevents the natural ability to function.
  17. Even good friends fight once in while.
  18. Playful bickering appears vicious sometimes, especially to an outside perspective.
  19. Always notice when something has moved and investigate how that movement has changed it and its environment.
  20. Play equals vitality. Value those who play with you.
Two of the three kitties on watch

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