Webinar on Hero’s Journey and Judith

Judith cover

Well, this is exciting! I have now completed the final requirements for my Doctor of Ministry in Art & Theology at Wesley Theological Seminary. It has been a wild ride.

You can watch a recording of the webinar on my Youtube channel. As a reminder, this is what the webinar is about:

“Spiritual but not religious” is the fastest growing response to questions of faith identification. In every culture, artifacts such as music, art, literature, or cinema, embody the Zeitgeist of that culture. For a number of years, Wendi has been developing contemplative spiritual practices with cultural artifacts and has now included literature and the Hero’s Journey as a story model that echoes labyrinth walking and spiritual awakening.

In fulfillment of her Doctor of Ministry degree, Wendi Bernau created a graphic novel of the Book of Judith (purchase your copy from the Missional Wisdom store  or on Amazon),  researched the intersection of psychological search for self and spiritual journey metaphors, applied Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey to Judith and created a journey reflection practice for the Anam Cara missional spiritual direction program. In this one-hour webinar, you will have the opportunity to hear Wendi’s story, learn about using literature as a spiritual practice, identify journey elements in the Book of Judith, and reflect on your own life journey through contemplative prayer.

Please download this helpful handout for use during the webinar:

PDF Download


Note: If the above download doesn’t work, here it is as web-text.

If you watch the whole video, please fill out this google form to let me know how the material interacted with your thoughts and life. The form will be available for a limited time (until April 3).

In this time of social isolation, perhaps there is time for some personal reflection? Even better: gather some friends (virtually) and have a watch party, then do the reflections and have conversation. Only two rules: no talking during reflection time and when someone shares their story, the only answer is “thank you.” Give the gift of hearing someone. This could be amazing.

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