No responsibilities?

“If I had a year with no responsibilities, what would I do?”

About a year ago at the suggestion of my coach, I wrote that question down in my idea journal but I did not answer it. Every so often, I would come across that page, read it, wonder for a moment, and then move on to more pressing matters. Today I decided to tackle it.

I made a list of my favorite activities and that was nice and I jotted down some ideas I have about success and what that looks like and where that idea came from. It was helpful, but it wasn’t getting to the deeper angst. So I decided to alter the question:

“If I had a year with no responsibilities, who would I be?”

I made another list. “I would be a person who…”

…eats healthy food  …walks around the neighborhood a lot  …. has a beautiful garden   …laughs a lot   …makes music …(the list goes on)

What is stopping me from being that person now?

What about you?




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