Low Points

I don’t visit my LinkedIn profile very often, mainly because I am happily self-employed and not really looking for a “job.” But today I happened to be scrolling through and saw this job suggestion:

I have 4 advanced degrees, certification in 3 areas of the healing arts, years of experience as clergy, and I serve on the board of directors for two non-profits. But yes, LinkedIn, I can totally see how my professional profile is a good match for “Cheese Specialist” at a supermarket.

I do like cheese, after all. I’ve tasted many kinds of cheese. I have opinions and preferences for different varieties of cheeses. I even like to share the eating of cheese with others. However, it might be a bit over the top to call me a cheese specialist, since I also enjoy other kinds of foods. I wouldn’t want cheese to feel bad, but there are foods I prefer over cheese. Sadly for the cheese, it is not generally my go-to food choice.


Thanks for a good laugh. I needed that today.

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