Wayfaring Companions

Do you…

…feel led to nurture your skills as a spiritual companion?
…feel curious about the calling of spiritual companioning and want to learn more?
…find that people seek you out for conversations of significance to them?
…want to learn more about Wayfaring Companions?

Wayfaring Companions (which I and two of my favorite colleagues founded a few years ago) is a journey of self reflection, listening and community. The folks who participate in our training use words like “I finally found my tribe” and “I belong here in a way I’ve not experienced before” and “I had some doubts about this [art] process, but I was amazed at what happened” and “I was always the quiet, reflective kid who never seemed to fit, as if there was something wrong with me, but in companioning I’ve found that I do have skills and gifts- rare and powerful ones!”

Like many learning experiences, this training changes you (for the deeper), opens you up beyond giving “help” or “advice” and nurtures your own spirit as you learn to develop your skills in spiritual intuition, listening, and holding silence.

Can I be of help when I don’t actually say anything? Yes.

Is anything happening if I don’t feel like anything happened? Yes.

Is it ok for me to receive as much as (or more than) I feel like I give? Yes.

Why? Because it’s not about you. You didn’t bring the Divine in with you and you don’t take the Divine away when you leave. That Spirit/energy force/Light was already present, already moving in them (and you). You had the emotional privilege of vulnerability, and to walk alongside for a time.

Can you get out of the way, out of your agenda, and just be together asking questions and exploring possibilities? That’s companioning. Does the conversation go deeper than what someone did to what was thought and felt? How about another step deeper – to intuition, body knowing, and soul-speak? Now we’re in spiritual companioning.

This is not therapy, but it is quite therapeutic. Peeling away that which is not you (the defense mechanisms, the pride or false humility, the coping mechanisms) to reveal that which is you (beloved, valuable, creative, spark) forms the heart of the sort of spirituality I practice and bring to this training. You may choose to engage in this training because you desire to help others. Or maybe just for your own benefit and see what happens along the way – and that’s fabulous.

Click on the link to read more about the training through our discernment process, or feel free to contact me to discuss spiritual companioning/direction and your own situation. I’d love to hear from you.

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