Community Butterfly

I created this giant butterfly for a spiritual retreat ritual, what now feels like a long time ago.

As a creator, the drawing part was meditative for myself – my desire for holding space for others, blessings upon those present, wisdom and intuitive knowing for us all. I’ve included this butterfly in opening rituals quite a few times now. It is perhaps a bit worse for wear, except that it constantly reminds me of the interconnectedness and legacy of spiritual wisdom, person to person, to person to person.

As a facilitator, I invite those present to choose a shape for themselves, then hold it in open palm. With that shape in your hand, you have choices: How do I hold myself? Tightly? Do I willingly give myself to this group? What am I willing to offer to others? What do I need for myself?

For those who commit to adding their shape to the butterfly (which is usually everyone), we have just created something new, something beautiful, and something unique to this group. We have made a covenant with one another: confidentiality, full participation, safe and brave space for everyone. It makes a nice bookend to revisit the butterfly at the end of the retreat. I always hope it will become animated and fly away.

This ritual is truly beautiful – in many many ways. I am thankful and honored.

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