Judith graphic novel

Yay! It is a day of celebration!

My graphic novel based on the Book of Judith is now officially published. Available on Amazon and coming soon to the Missional Wisdom store.

I wrote a little about why I made this novel (see transcript below). Or you can watch the video on Youtube.

“I created this graphic novel because Judith’s epic captured me as soon as I read it. Different as we are, I sensed that we were very similar. While I have never literally lopped off anyone’s head, there are moments in my life that I can point to and say – yes, metaphorically, this is me lopping off the head of that dragon. This is the boon moment.  Judith’s story – my story, your story – everyone has their moments of triumph over the people or circumstances that try to defeat them – Judith’s story –  the hero’s journey framework –  is the spiritual journey:  here we are, doing our thing in our ordinary situation and it occurs to us that we are discontented – something is wrong – and we feel an urge (or a calling) to make a change, either in ourselves, or for those around us. But we’re afraid to say yes at first.  And we can’t just walk out there. There’s usually something stopping us – someone who doesn’t want us to change, doesn’t want the situation to change. These are guardians of the threshold that takes us from comfortable space to liminal space – and that’s where the hard shadow work and darkness needs to happen – not to eliminate it, necessarily, but to come to terms with it and accept ourselves for who we are, warts and all. In that liminal space, there are dangers and trials and we meet all kinds of people – some helpful, some not – and then, there is that moment of YES! I did this; I am living out who I am rather than who I am supposed to be (or should be) –  it’s a victory over the discontent – and now I am free –  to make choices,  to make an escape, to affect some kind fo change – whatever our circumstances. Now it’s not always as dramatic as Judith’s blood-soaked tale, but internally, I believe our victories over those things or people who would ensnare us are just as significant for us personally. Then we face a new question: How do I go back? Can I return now from this liminal space to go back to the community I left behind – do I still belong there? What transformation has occurred in me – how am I stronger or more of myself now? The amazing piece of creating the Judith graphics for me personally is that I was at a point of change in my own life – I felt the discontent, but I hadn’t done anything about it. As I was writing and drawing Judith’s story, I was living it out – metaphorically. And the day I drew her holding up that head for the village to see it – that same day I left a path I’d been on for years. I made an official public declaration of a very significant change  – that affected my identity and my future, my work. It was so powerful. My hope for anyone reading Judith – it’s a great story on its own, I hope people enjoy it – but my greater hope is  – particularly women, will think about these moments in their own lives of claiming that change, that statement of who I am and who I am not. I hope the strength and power of Judith will encourage a woman to take her life back – to use her voice – to own her feminine power – in whatever way that transforms her ability to live her life fully and authentically.”

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