…News news news…

Where’s the scrolling ticker tape? Yikes!

Several groups I am involved with have been tapped recently to do news stories with major national networks – how exciting!! I want to pass that along – maybe you’ll watch it, maybe you won’t, but it is always encouraging to hear good things that make it into the news. And they’re all apparently airing on the same day. Who knew?

The first is my favorite people on the planet:

Tuesday morning on CBS Morning Show (that’s the early one):

Missional Wisdom Foundation, whose mission is to experiment with and teach about alternative forms fo Christian community. What does that look like?  Well, I’m glad you asked… it looks like a whole lot of powerful transformation through multiple venues and formats. By the way, should you be looking for a fabulous way to spend a few days, Missional Wisdom is having our National Gathering April 4-6, 2019 at Haw Creek Commons in Asheville NC (why yes, that IS one of our experiments – thanks for noticing!). You can find more info about that event here.

Tuesday evening on ABC late show (10pm – not sure whose time zone):

Daughters of Abraham, whose purpose is to build bridges between women of different Abrahamic faiths to promote world peace (who doesn’t want that?!). We gather and eat, talk and listen, learn and enjoy one another. It is true: love casts out fear.

If you cannot tune in for one of these, please think of us, offer a prayer, and/or consider getting involved in whatever way is appropriate for your life and context.

Above all, celebrate the good news! Be a light. candle

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