Prayer Presentation AHUMC

I had a busy weekend this weekend: Saturday morning I did a presentation on Labyrinth Walking at a newly consecrated labyrinth (warning: this is a 39-minute video – if the video below won’t play, use the link above):

On Sunday I did a presentation on Prayer Practices at a different church. That was a wild whirlwind of deca-somethings (tens) of prayer practices divided up by learning style and spirituality style. Something for everyone. Diversity in prayer. I love that. Not all prayer types appeal to all people and we all have our favorites. The difficulty comes if we get stuck in some kind of rut and forget about the multitude of other ways to pray that can be life-giving and fabulous. You can watch that one, too (another warning: this is a 42-minute video – if the video below doesn’t play, use the link above):


I am also teaching a course at a local church on Finding God in Culture – Paintings I. I have created an edited-for-time 30-minute version (if the video below won’t play, click the link above):

I have to be careful. Events tend to fall into large groupings. I do none for a while and then all of a sudden I’m totally overwhelmed – and I get a big head. Apologies to my family and coworkers are always appropriate on that one.

I guess that’s where we get the expression “when it rains, it pours.” I find the pouring can be either very very exciting (pouring in) or very very draining (pouring out).  Alas, there’s the rub once again: balance. But these things are beyond my control. How do I balance the randomness of invitations? No idea. For now, it is enough to be grateful.

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