Enneagram for Life

Using the Enneagram energy system for life balance, wholeness and growth.

If you’ve ever said: “I want to ‘work with the Enneagram.’ What do I actually DO?” then this course is designed for you.

Enneagram work is a basic three-step process that repeats at increasingly deeper levels: 

  • 1 – Notice  – what you do/think/say/feel: where does this energy show up in my life? What am I protecting and avoiding with this personality? How is it effecting my life and relationships?
  • 2 – Face your Shadow  – once you honestly catch yourself running your habits, you can begin to approach life more mindfully – become aware of your blind spots, celebrate your gifts without allowing them to go overboard, and begin to let go of whatever unconscious mechanisms you are clinging to 
  • 3 – Be – unpeel unnecessary layers to become unified, at peace and compassionate; bring your paradoxes and contradictions into balance

In addition to focusing on the specifics of your own primary type, you can also benefit from intentional engagement with the other 8 energy types (we all have all 9 of them in there – no one is just their primary type). 

This course is loaded with spiritual exercises, practical activities, and refection questions for each of the triads and the types, with options for how to engage whether it IS your primary type, or is NOT your primary type, and whether you want to lean into the energy or back off from it. 

In the self-paced portion, there are daily, weekly and monthly activities for you to explore each type’s energy through:

  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Reflection questions
  • Body work
  • Life timeline
  • Collage
  • Polarity Squares
  • Nature
  • Dreams

Time: approximately 3 months of daily and weekly activities

Upcoming facilitated discussion group: late August/early September through mid-November/early December OR contact me to schedule a custom time frame for your group

Structure: 3 units in 12 “weeks” of self-paced online content

  • First week: attributes of all three types in a primary triad (commonalities)
  • Second week: focus on the type that expresses that triad’s dynamic
  • Third week: focus on the “shock point” type, who is often unaware of the triad’s dynamic
  • Fourth week: focus on the type that repels the triad’s dynamic by doing the opposite


Most of the content is inside the online course. 

NEW: Wendi has designed an app for use with this Enneagram course!! As you are focusing on each type, in the app you have an easy-access list of each type’s tendencies and reflection questions. In other words, each week as you are looking for a particular energy in your life, go to the app to remind yourself what exactly that energy is (what to look for) without having to log in online. 


This course’s contents are based on a compilation of:

  • Don Riso and Russ Hudson – The Wisdom of the Enneagram
  • Beatrice Chestnut – The Complete Enneagram
  • Suzanne Zuercher – Using the Enneagram in Prayer
  • various iEQ9 Enneagram coaching materials

Note: I list these texts for information only; you do not need to purchase them to benefit from this course

Cost $450 (lump sum or 3 monthly payments of $150)

Contact Wendi with questions or to enroll